Capital Equipment

Sterilization Technology

For thermal processing of low-acid foods packaged in hermetically sealed containers dft technology offers equipment for nearly all capacities. dft is focused to STOCK batch type retorts made of stainless steel which can be used for all kind of products and packaging materials. Rotation or rocking during the process may improve the product quality significantly. The rotors are made from stainless steel as a standard. Tailor-made design, best use of energy and simple operation takes centre stage. For loading and unloading of retort cages equipment is offered for all kinds of containers. The dft program is completed by a fully automatic Sterilization System with SCADA, which is controlled by one person only.


Type - Aero 0.5V
Also available in 0.12V, 1.5V and 4.0V
All with varying specifications

Whipping Machine
Technical Data

Mixing Head

  • Mixing head performance up to 500 l/h (depending on the product)
  • Stainless steel construction V4A 1.4571 (316 Ti)
  • Parts in contact with product electrolyte polished
  • 552 x 5mm square pins (20x5x5mm)
  • Double-walled mixing head for cooling or heating
  • mixing head fitted with tension rods for safe operation at high pressure
  • Cap bearing to support the rotor shaft
  • Sliding ring seal in tandem arrangement with rinsing chamber
  • Product inlet / product outlet DN25 / DN25 (DIN 1180)

Mixing Head Drive

  • Standard dimensioned electromotor with PTC resistor; 1.445rpm
  • Mixing head speed up to 1.000rpm
  • Cog belt transmission (ratio 1:2.5)

Back-pressure Regulator

  • Diaphragm valve - stainless steel construction
  • Teflon-diaphragm (extremely long service life)
  • Inlet / outlet DN25 (DIN 11820)
  • Pressure sensor for the identification of the product pressure

Mixer Cabinet

  • Mixer cabinet and facing stainless steel
  • Facing laterally removable
  • Swiveling feet stainless steel


  • Electronic nitrogen metering by mass flow regulator
  • Electronic control of the back-pressure regulator
  • Piston valves for cooling water and sterile water
  • Auxiliary valves to control the position valves
  • Monitoring of the inlet pressure

Control System

  • Fitted in stainless steel case
  • Mixing head and pump electronic frequency convert or controlled
  • Digital input and monitoring of all parameters:
    • Mixing head speed
    • Pump conveying volume
    • Nitrogen / air volume metering
    • Actual pressure
    • Back-pressure
    • Level control (optional)
    • Product temperature (optional)
    • Delivery meter volume / day (optional)
  • Procedure history processing with external computer (optional)
  • Automatic CIP-cleaning-and sterilization program
  • Display of all error messages
  • Signal lamp to indicate operating conditions

Power Supply

  • AC 3 PH 380-400V + ground (+neural) 50/60 Hz

Air / nitrogen pressure 7-10 bar

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